Celebrations of Krishna Jayanti,History, Mythology

Celebrations of Krishna Jayanti,History, Mythology

Krishna lived not for himself but for others. That’s why we call him “Kanna” and “Mukund” by many names. We believe that he is the protector like the eye and Mukund means life giver and salvation giver.

Celebrations of Krishna Jayanti

History of Krishna Avatar:

Lord Krishna incarnated as the eighth son of Devaki – Vasudeva in the city of Mathura. Krishna was born in prison. Born in prison, Krishna was brought up in Gokul by his foster mother Yashoda. He killed his maternal uncle Kansa and ruled Dwarka.

It was Kannan who supported the Pandavas in the Indian War and was Arjun’s charioteer on the battlefield. Kannan who came as a charioteer is called Parthasarathy. The Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of the Hindu people, contains the advice of Kannan, who came as a charioteer, preaching to Arjuna Was. If you do Krishna Jayanti Puja in your home like this, then you will get crores of blessings…..It is said that in his last days, Kannan went back to Vaikundam after completing his incarnation in the world to sew an arrow shot by a Vedan into his leg.

Krishna did not live for himself but for others. That is why we call him by many names like “Kanna”, “Mukund”. We believe that he is the protector like the eye and Mukund means giver of life and salvation.

Giver |

If you recite these mantras appropriate for Krishna, all is well!

On the day of Krishna Jayanti, Lord Krishna comes to our house and blesses us.

That is why on Krishna Jayanti we clean the house, make Kolams with rice flour and decorate the Maavil with Toran. Starting from the door till halfway through the puja, we make footprints of the child with rice flour. It is believed that Alila Krishnan is walking inside the house with his paws pointing downwards.

 This is the history of Janmashtami

Krishna used to sing in every house in Vrindavan. The Puranas say that Lord Shiva visited this scene.

Why Krishna Tiruvadi?

At the entrance of the house, footprints should be made with flour as if a child has walked. The idol of Krishna should be decorated with flowers. If it has basil in it then it is even more special. Then he should add curd and butter, which Krishna likes. Sweet food like beeja, muruk, laddu should be kept. Prayer

Celebrations of Krishna Jayanti

It is special if it is done between 6.00-7.00 pm whenever possible.

“Give me a leaf; or a flower; don’t give any fruit; if not, give some water; whatever you give with devotion. I will eat what a pure mind gives with devotion.” Kannan said in Geeta.

We will also worship Krishna and get all the benefits!!

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