Expendables 4: Jason Statham’s dominant role meets Megan Fox’s allure in the fourth explosive installment.

Expendables 4: Jason Statham’s dominant role meets Megan Fox’s allure in the fourth explosive installment.

Expendables 4: Jason Statham’s dominant role meets Megan Fox’s allure in the fourth explosive installment.

Expendables 4: One of the unique characteristics of franchise films is that they build their own separate audience. If the audience likes the characters, they can watch more stories, but how many times? Producers have struggled to find an answer to this question.

Expendables 4: Movie Review

  • Cast – Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, and Andy Garcia, among others.
  • Writers – Spencer Cohen, Kurt Wimmer, Tad Dagerhart, and Max Adams.
  • Director – Scott Vogh.
  • Producers – Kevin King Templeton, Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner, and Jason Statham.
  • Release Date – September 22, 2023.
  • Rating – 2/5.
expendables 4

Franchises like ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Saw’ have gone on for up to ten films, and even more, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow. But what about ‘The Expendables’? The fate of this franchise depends on the box office results of ‘The Expendables 4.’ The story of Sylvester Stallone leaving and then returning to this film has been told so many times that it could be a movie in itself. However, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who inspired his return, and ‘The Expendables 4’ was released nine years after the previous film in the series.

Video Games Like ‘Dhoom Dhadak

‘The Expendables’ did things differently. They spoke less and fired more bullets. Violent video games are becoming increasingly popular these days. In contrast, cinema-like animation, enriched with intriguing stories and cutting-edge technology, has eclipsed the world of gaming, surpassing even the world of films. India still lags behind in this industry. Movies like ‘The Expendables’ are essentially cinematic simulations of the mindset of people playing video games. The audience doesn’t need to ponder or invest themselves in the story. The movie begins, and the viewer doesn’t know the end of the two-line plot.

Expendables 4: The Battle to Save the World

In ‘The Expendables 4,’ Barney fails in his attempt to capture the same Ocelot from 25 years ago. The film kicks off in an old chemical factory in Libya, where a terrorist group launches a deadly assault to steal the keys to nuclear weapons. It’s said that ‘The Expendables’ unite to prevent World War III. However, when Lee strays from his Christmas mission of saving Barney, everything changes. Now he’s out of the team, and the rest of the team reaches a massive ship with the American flag on it. A terrorist conspiracy is underway to detonate a nuclear bomb near Russia’s maritime border.

Expendables 4: Film Trailer

The Baton in Jason Statham’s Hands

The film’s story is undoubtedly dated. These days, every other Hollywood film and third series features an entire team working to save the world. ‘The Expendables 4’ is no exception. However, there’s no Tom Cruise here. Instead, Sylvester Stallone, now overseen by Jason Statham, presents an image of peculiar aging, which is why he also co-produced the film. Some new players join the mix this time. Megan Fox is there to turn up the heat with her physical allure, along with Tony Jaa, who regards Hanuman as his favorite mythological character. Several new young talents have joined the team, but their presence doesn’t significantly impact the story.

Failed to Evoke an Emotional Wave

‘Expendables 4’ is a small-budget film, roughly around 10 crore rupees, which is approximately 830 crore rupees. The writers haven’t delved into the inner stories of the characters, and the story itself lacks strength. The love story between Lee Christmas and his ex-girlfriend Gina, a CIA agent, could have been the emotional core of the film. However, they end up fighting and making love. The film’s writers were primarily focused on action, so emotional scenes were needed to convey the emotional relationship between Barney and Christmas.

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