India’s Indri Whiskey was named the best single malt in the world; everything you need to know India’s no1 Indri Whiskey

India’s Indri Whiskey was named the best single malt in the world; everything you need to know India’s no1 Indri Whiskey

The recognition from the India’s Indri Whiskey of the World Awards has propelled India to a prominent place in the international whiskey business as a powerful producer of single malts, changing the perspective of homegrown spirits.

India’s Indri Whiskey

In what country is Indri Whiskey produced?

In the northern Indian state of Haryana, Piccadilly Distilleries manufactures Indri.With the introduction of Indri-Trini, the country’s first triple-barrel single malt, the brand’s journey began in 2021. “This is an exciting time for India, and Indian whiskeys are not far behind as we play our part in the story of India,” Piccadilly Distilleries founder Siddharth Sharma said in a formal statement. Big Win for Indri at the Whiskey of the World Awards Our goal of putting homegrown high-quality liquids on the international stage is further strengthened by being acknowledged as the best whiskey in the world. Being acknowledged and praised by such a prestigious platform, outranking hundreds of whiskeys from around the world, is a privilege.

According to The Sunday Guardian, it has won more than 14 international accolades in the last two years.

How do senses develop?

In PX Sherry casks, the whiskey spends a lengthy maturing period in the subtropical climate of North India.

Smoke, candied dried fruits, roasted nuts, subtle spices, oak, and bittersweet chocolate are some of the intriguing aromas it has.

Currently available in 19 Indian states and 17 other nations, Indri-Trini will be made available in the US and a few European nations in November.

Whiskey of the World has chosen the Indian-made Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023 (Indri Whiskey) as the world’s top whiskey brand. One of the largest whiskey-tasting competitions in the world gave Indri Whiskey the “Double Gold Best in Show” award. There were more than 100 different whiskey kinds available.

The Haryana company Piccadilly Distilleries produces Indri Whiskey. This is single-malt Indian whiskey that has been peated. Peated whiskey is smoky-flavored whiskey made by drying malted barley over a peat fire. The strength of this flavor depends on how long and how strongly the peat smoke burns.

According to a report on, Indri whiskey is created from six-row barley and distilled in conventional copper stills made in India. Smoke, candied dried fruits, roasted nuts, mild spices, oak, and bittersweet chocolate are among the aromas of Indri Whiskey. Beginning in November 2023, the whiskey will be offered in the US and some European nations. The beverage is currently offered in 19 Indian states and 17 other nations.

The World Whiskey Awards are what?

An annual contest called the Whiskey of the World Awards honors and recognizes the best whiskeys from all over the world. The awards provide a venue for distilleries and makers of alcoholic beverages to display their goods and compete for the esteemed prize.

The first Indian whiskey to receive this prestigious honor is Indri Whiskey.

Single malt whiskey: what is it?

Single malt whiskey can only be created by a single distillery, hence most blended whiskeys are constructed from single malt and grain whiskey from various distilleries. Additionally, only one kind of malted grain, typically malted barley, may be used to make it.

However, a single malt whiskey can be a blend made from several whiskey casks and is not required to come from a single whiskey cask. The final mix is regarded as a single malt provided that each of these casks originates from the same distillery.

Indian single-malt whiskey

Amrit Fusion, Paul John Mithun, Rampur Double Cask Single Malt India’s Indri Whiskey, Paul John Brilliance, Rampur Asawa, and Kamet Single Malt are a few well-known Indian single malt whiskey brands.

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